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Friday Night in Beast House - Richard Laymon Normally I enjoy the sort of mindless, gross-out type of fiction Laymon writes. In this case, I was unable to enjoy the carnage. In most Laymon books you have the usual: horny teen protagonist-check, gruesome violent murders-check, rape scenes (ugh)-check. The rape scenes in Laymon's books generally make me feel pretty uncomfortable but that's the point of horror fiction, right? This book, however, takes the usual discomfort to 11. It was difficult to read because it seemed like Laymon was revelling in it. The response of the victim of the assault(s) is as sickening as it is unrealistic. I don't usually like to call a work of fiction misogynistic, authors should have the freedom to write about whatever they like in order to move the story forward, but in this case I can't argue with the critics. The earlier Beast House novels were (in my opinion) pretty bad but Friday night in Beast House is just an utter, execrable mess.