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Give Us a Kiss
Daniel Woodrell
Savage Night
Jim Thompson
The Buntline Special
Mike Resnick
Masked - Lou Anders, Matthew Sturges, Mark Chadbourn, Marjorie M. Liu, Ian McDonald, Bill Willingham, James Maxey, Paul Cornell, Mike Carey, Mike Baron, Daryl Gregory, Gail Simone, Stephen Baxter, Chris Roberson, Peter David, Kathleen David, Joseph Mallozzi Cleansed and Set in Gold-- Matthew Sturges.
A superhero gets his powers in a very un-superheroic way. A story exploring the depraved things people will do to gain or maintain power. 4.5/5

Where Their Worm Dieth Not-- James Maxey
fable like tale of the ultimate end of superheroes 4/5

Secret Identity-- Paul Cornell
When an average man changes into his super alter-ego, what else changes. A solid story but ultimately fails to fulfill in the end. 3.5/5

The Non-Event--Mike Carey
The story of a robbery gone very wrong. One of the best in the book 5/5

Avatar--Mike Baron
A young would-be Batman learns that life isn't always like it is in the funny papers. 3/5

Message from the Bubblegum Factory--Daryl Gregory
an odd prison break. This story seems more like the prologue to a novel but it is very well done 4/5

Thug--Gail Simone
This is the tale of one of the faceless minions routinely employed by super villains. I was at first put off by the simple, phonetic language used in the story. I have rarely found this trope to be worth wading though in the past. In this case, it is worth every bit of the effort as this is a story brilliantly realized. 5/5

Vacuum Lad--Stephen Baxter
An interesting but ultimately unfulfilling superhero story.

A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows--Chris Roberson
Interesting 30's style pulp hero in a demon haunted world, well done 4/5

Head Cases--Peter David and Kathleen David
A dissatisfied housewife/wife of superhero...meh. 3/5

Downfall--Joseph Mallozzi
Did't finish this one, it just went on forever and didn't go anywhere. -/5

By My Works You Shall Know Me--Mark Chadbourne
Interesting, fun, well done story about a hero and his nemesis locked in battle 4/5

Call Her Savage--Marjorie M. Liu
Didn;t finish this one either, it just bored me -/5

Tonight We Fly--Ian McDonald
Superheroes get old too. A surprisingly good story built on not much more than that. 4/5

A to Z in the Ultimate Big Company Superhero Universe (Villains Too)--Bill Willingham
interesting concept fairly well done. 4/5

All in all this is a very worthwhile use of valuable reading time. 4 stars overall and believe me when I say I was not prepared to like this book nearly as much as I did.