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Savages - Don Winslow Savages was a great read, fast and fun it was very unlike other Don Winslow books I have read. The story is that of three people Ben,Chon and "O" who are involved in the Southern California marijuana trade. The most mellow drug trade ever just got a whole lot less mellow when the Baja Cartel, a mexican drug cartel, moves in to take over. Ben and Chon are of a mind to leave the trade but, it turns out, the Baja Cartel would rather them stay. To that end, the Cartel kidnaps "O" to force Ben and Chon to stay in the game. Hijinks ensue.

I was a bit put off by the voice of this novel at first but I came to like, if not love it. The style was a bit experimental on the part of Winslow with a ton of acronyms, slang statements and liberal use of techniques more commonly seen in poetry (most notably enjambment). I felt that, for the most part, it worked in the context of the novel but I prefer Winslow's usual voice and style to this.

Savages was a great read that I heartily recommend to anyone who enjoys solid, well written crime fiction and doesn't mind a bit of sex and violence mixed with their lit-ra-chur.