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Selected Stories - Philip K. Dick, Jonathan Lethem This is a great collection of some of the very best PKD short stories. Anyone who is fairly familiar with Dick's short stories will have read most of them already, but I would say this is the best single volume collection of PKD shorts on the market.

Some of the stand-out stories are Paycheck, The King of the Elves, Adjustment Team, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, The Electric Ant (awesome), A Little Something for Us Tempunauts and Beyond Lies The Wub. (For some unfathomable reason, the editor, Jonathan Lethem, left out "The Hanging Stranger" which is one of my favorites.)

If you want to pick up most of the very best PKD stories in one volume, this is highly recommended. (The Philip K Dick Reader would be another good choice). If you have already read most of the more popular Dick stories then look elsewhere. If you can find the five volume collected short stories than you are in for some good reading.

4.5/5 (Oh silly Lethem, why did you not include "The Hanging Stranger")

(By the way, I love parenthetical asides today)