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Storm Front - Jim Butcher Ah finally a Harry Dresden book. I had heard so much about Butcher and his "Dresden-Crack" that I knew I would have to try it. After a wrong turn with the execrable "Furies of Calderon" put me off Butcher for a few months, I started in on "Storm front". Not bad. This is a perfectly serviceable novel. Good characters, good pacing, relatively satisfying ending, all in all not a bad effort. Not mind blowing by any stretch but why should everything I read have to be "Ulysses"?

What did blow my mind was how freaking fast I read this thing. 322 pages and they were gone in a flash. this must be the Dresden-Crack effect in action. I have heard the books get better and better so I will read more of them.

A worthy effort from Butcher. I look forward to reading more Dresden in the near future. 3/5