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Drood - Dan Simmons Drood is the epic story of the friendship and rivalry of Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins as told from the point of view of Collins. More than that it is either the story of an encounter with the Most successful and least known serial murderer in London's history or of Collins' opium fueled decent into madness.

This book is written from the 1st person POV of Wilkie Collins, a friend of "The Inimitable" Charles Dickens and a fellow novelist. I don't know all that much about Collins, but Dickens is one of the more fascinating characters in the history of English literature. Fans of Collins may not appreciate this book as much considering Collins is portrayed as something of a monster.

Drood is a book filled with some very detailed history along with some well educated extrapolations (along with some outright flights of fancy). It suffers from some uneven pacing at times but as a whole it groans toward a surreal ending that is satisfying though not entirely clear. Simmons writing is as excellent as ever and the characters are very well rounded. The dialogue is good though somewhat stilted, as you would expect from a Victorian novel (I wonder if they actually talked like that)This novel started slowly for me and picked up well. There was a portion in the middle where reading was a slog but I think that had more to do with my personal level of busyness. I enjoyed this novel very much. This is good Simmons, not great Simmons like Hyperion but a very good book just the same.