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The Neon Rain - James Lee Burke New Orleans Police homicide detective Dave Robicheaux's life changed forever as a result of his discovery of the body of a young prostitute while fishing in the backwoods of Louisiana. His hardheaded refusal to quit when he's far, far behind causes him no end of grief. Up against a vast conspiracy he has no hope of overcoming,he continues, none the less, to make truly idiotic decisions that don't always work out well. Robicheaux is an alcoholic and the passages describing his struggles with the amber stuff are some of the best I have read.

This was a pretty good novel all together. I like Burke's writing style, though it is a bit more descriptive than I tend to prefer. Burke is long winded at times but he is capable of penning some truly beautiful passages.

The Neon Rain's plot moved forward in fits and starts, sometime barreling forward and sometimes seemingly stagnant for page after page. Robicheaux does some of the stupider things in fiction but to Burke's credit, his dumb ass choices often don't work out very well. Through the magic of machines with ghosts inside them, the plot is wrapped up fairly neatly.

I liked The Neon Rain and I plan on continuing to read the next few novels in this series. I wished this book was better but the clear writing talent shown by Burke makes me want to see how he develops.