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Getting Off: A Novel of Sex and Violence (Hard Case Crime #69) - Lawrence Block, Jill Emerson I love Hard Case Crime books and I love Lawrence Block so this should be another home run for me. It was not. This book was chock full of sex and violence, not usually a bad thing. In this case, the sexual content was just unrelentingly ceaseless and began to get boring. there was sex, then violence, then lead up to the next session of sex followed by violence... lather, rinse, repeat. I think there just wasn't enough story there.

That being said, this book was written by Lawrence Block. I would probably rate Block's grocery list at least three stars. He is genetically incapable of writing something that is not engaging and fun to read.

I am rating this at about three stars. Not a great rating but seriously, if this were written by almost anyone else it would have been intolerably banal. Block has the writing ability to make this series of sexual vignettes into something approaching a coherent story, even if he doesn't quite succeed.