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The Contortionist's Handbook - Craig Clevenger John Vincent is a master forger with eleven fingers, at least as many identities and debilitating migraines. He follows a pattern over the years where he suffers from his migraines until he eventually takes too much medication and is hospitalized, often as a suicide risk.

Vincent has made a life of fooling those charged with evaluating the psychological states of
patients hospitalized for drug overdoses, and this time he plays a game of cat and mouse with quite a bit more than usual riding on the outcome.

If you were to explain the plot of this book to me a month or two ago I would probably have passed. The plot, however, takes a back seat to the outstanding characterization Clevenger shows in this novel. great characterization and extreme amounts of research into document forgery mixed with a minimalist prose style made this book fast and entirely entertaining. My only quibble is with the ending, which seemed a bit pat to me. This was a fine effort and was well worth the time. 4.5/5