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The Final Solution - Michael Chabon, Jay Ryan I am between three and four stars on this one. On the four stars side, Chabon is a great stylist and one of the better writers of prose I have read in some time. On the three stars side, there is not much story here. This has the plot of a short story fleshed out (to some degree) to a novella length. Chabon has a way with metaphors and can really turn a phrase. Some of the characters are very well realized though others seem perfunctory. The protagonist, an elderly Sherlock Holmes, though he is never called by name, is a good character however Mr. Panicker, the clergyman, is by far the most interesting and conflicted. His musings as he visited London, bombed out during the blitz, was quite moving and effective. In the end I thought Chabon showed his mastery of the English language but the story didn't work well at this length. I will absolutely read more Chabon and I would recommend this book to anyone as it isn't much of a time investment at 131 pages. At this length it is well worth the time to read, flawed though it is.