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On Basilisk Station - David Weber

I am very torn regarding how I should rate this book. On the one hand I did quite enjoy the read. The battle scenes were very well done (if too few) and I do really like the character of Honor Harrington. It is important that you like Harrington because you will be spending a great deal of time in her head.

On the other hand let's be frank, this is not a very well written book. The characters, other than Harrington, are cardboard cut-outs and the plot is moved forward by page after page after page of exposition explaining everything in excruciating detail. The majority of the plot seems to be either planning sessions where Harrington discusses at length with a variety of people what they should do next, or exposition explaining why something works seemingly to the molecular level. Often, rather than having the action play out in the narrative, you are simply told what happened during yet another session to plan out what to do next.

Despite all of this I did enjoy the book. I rad the first two out of order and the second, "Honor of The Queen" is a better book in my opinion. I do intend to read at least the third book in this series (I believe it is called "A Storm of Meetings") to see if the improvement continues. I like Harrington and I want to want to read the rest of the books, but only if they get better than this.

An example (satirical) of Weber's writing style can be read here: