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When Gravity Fails - George Alec Effinger Goodreads ate my review again and I am once again very angry so I shall make the following comments in lieu of ranting:

I liked this book quite a bit and I dearly hope the other two in the series are close to as good.

This book makes me think more SF should be set in Muslim cultural areas because I found it to be refreshing.

George Effinger wrote another book that I have got to read based on the title alone Maureen Birnbaum: Barbarian Swordsperson.

I have found very little use for cabbage in my life. I don't like cabbage rolls, sauerkraut or kimchi. I do like broccoli but I think that is only loosely related somehow. I don't mind cole slaw but I think I could live without it. I guess if I were eliminating a food, cabbage might be my choice.

Effinger made this seem very fresh despite its having been written in the late 80's, though there were a few anachronisms, most notably, if a character uses a cell phone in one scene, he would, it would seem, still have the phone two scenes later when he is leaving a message for someone to contact him at a bar. not too many of these though.

Very good book, 4.5/5