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Gideon's Sword - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child This book is fairly absurd. it is the story of a guy who apparently was a super art thief, though this is just sort of blurted out at one point rather than actually set up. Anyway, he stopped being an art thief when he got his PHD in physics and went to work at Los Alamos. Then the former art thief and current scientist finds out his father was wrongly accused of treason and killed when the art thief was 12. The former art thief and current scientist and suddenly awesome con man uses his highly convienient skills to take revenge on the guy who got his father killed.

Then the story begins. The former art thief, scientist, con artist and revenge murderer is talked into attempting to locate a super weapon for a private company that, for some reason, is being contracted by the government to do some spying. I guess there must be a republican president in office at the time of the book, bent on privatizing everything in sight.

Anyway, this is a pretty silly book throughout and the authors cause the protagonist to do some truly stupid things to move the plot forward. Oh well, it's Preston and Child and if you have read their books before, you should be used to this kind of nonsense. Anyway it's a fun read, fast paced, exciting. Just try not to think about it as you read.