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Kill Shot - Vince Flynn When I was a wee teenage boy in the early 80's (yes I know, I'm old, so what, wanna fight?) I frequented my local public library, called a free library at the time, I don't know why, I never have been to a library where I had to pay. There was always numerous chromed wire racks (the kind that spin around) filled with what I guess were called "Men's Adventure" books. I picked up a copy of a series called "The Executioner" by Don Pendleton. My library didn't have #1 (War Against the Mafia)so I had to start with #2 (Death Squad) which had a cover showing a couple of guns, a body, a guy getting shot and a bikini clad woman. What more could a guy want. I devoured it and the next 20 or so in the series, closely followed by numerous "Destroyer" novels and several other series that I can't remember. The books were always goofy, fast paced, entertaining and just as pulpy as hell.

While I read Kill Shot I thought often of Mack Bolan (The "executioner" of the above referenced series). Mitch Rapp is essentially an updated version of Mack Bolan. Super awesome protagonist who is so awesome you cannot gaze directly at him without going insane. Lots of various redshirt bad guys getting shot, usually in the head. supporting characters arguing about who thinks Mitch Rapp is awesomer. Bad guys who hate Rapp...because he is so much awesomer than them.

That being said, I read all the old Mack Bolan books (Though I liked The Destroyer better) and I loved them. This book was entertaining, fast and fun. It was certainly worth reading if you don't mind a "Gary Stu" type character. I will read another one...but only from my local (free) library.