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The Name of the Game Is Death - Dan J. Marlowe In the great pantheon of crime books I have read in the last two weeks, I solidly place The man who refers to himself as Roy Martin between the one who calls himself Parker (the pinnacle) and the one who calls himself Nolan (the ordinary).

This was a very sharp, tightly written, very hardboiled, mean, nasty brutish and short book. I really had a good time reading it and I suspect any fans of Parker will feel the same. Roy Martin is one seriously high toned son of a bitch. A mean bastard and colder than a dry ice enema. Roy is a hell of a protagonist and I'm glad to have read his story...even more glad never to have met him. I will definitely be reading more of his books though I have been led to believe the books get less and less as they go on. Roy Martin is not a guy I would want to underestimate though.