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The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler I read the majority of the Raymond Chandler book quite a while ago. I don't think I got to them all. But now I have acquired all of them (not that crappy Poodle Springs one, Im not reading that again) and I embark upon the great Chandler re-read of however-long-it-ends-up-taking-me. I won't go all nuts reviewing this since pretty much everyone already has a review and I have been on a bit of a roll lately, reading wise.

Freaking brilliant, awesome descriptions, some of the best in fiction. Characters darker than that matter that scientists can't find but are pretty sure makes up 90 percent of the matter in the universe. (see, here is where Chandler is waaaay better than me at this kind of stuff). this was a story I am quite familiar with from earlier reading, copycat books and that kind of unfortunate movie where Bogie makes himself gay by turning up the brim of his hat. But I digress. Though I am thoroughly familiar with the plot, I still could not put the damn thing down. Really, really great book. Also awesome 5*