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The Heroes - Joe Abercrombie This was a really, really good book. It is my favorite from Abercrombie so far and I have pretty much loved everything he has done. The Heroes is the story of a three day battle between the Union and the Northmen of the Black Dow. As always, the characters were excellently drawn and the dialog was witty and rang true. I loved the more intimate feel of the plot, and some of the interesting POV switching. What I didn't love so much was some of the more obvious nudge, nudge, wink, wink moments, with Whirrin inventing the sandwich and Bayaz considering naming his newest invention the "fire engine". Some of that took me out of the story, and I really wanted to stay in the story. Despite these minor quibbles, this was the most effective and engaging story from Abercrombie so far. I look forward fondly to A Red Country.

As an aside, I would not recommend anyone make this thier first Abercrombie. Some of the character development relies on a familiarity with First Law and to a lesser degree Best Served Cold.