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Mr. Paradise - Elmore Leonard Kelly and Chloe are roommates. Kelly is a model and Chloe was a hooker until she gave it all up to become the "girlfriend" of Anthony Paradiso Sr. an 85 year old retired lawyer and extremely wealthy man. Chloe talks Kelly into helping out with a cheerleader thing (don't ask). Unfortunately during the festivities, "Mr Paradise" and one of the girls are murdered and it falls to Detroit Homicide investigator Frank Delsa to unravel the mystery and find the killers.

If you have ever read any of my Elmore Leonard reviews then you already know this; Leonard is one of the best at dialogue I hae ever read. Right up there with George Higgins. Leonard's dialogue is so good that the plot is almost immaterial. In the case of Mr Paradise, the plot was more simple than I am used to from Leonard. His characters were not as amazing as they usually are, though they are still damned good. Overall this is a solid, workmanlike novel with Leonard's characteristic excellent dialogue.

I love Elmore Leonard and I will read anything he writes. This is still a good book but it does not reach the high levels of other Leonard offerings.